About Us

Masters-Fitness is a revolutionary women’s training platform that focuses on the hard working boss lady who wants to feel healthy, look good and fit right in her clothes. This could either be through gaining weight and building natural curves or losing weight and getting toned so as to blossom.

After training 250+ women over the years, we figured out the issue most women are concerned with when it comes to health, fitness and getting to their ideal shape. With these, we were able to come up with a platform that caters to all these issues.  Some of which are; easy to use, not overwhelmingly intense, non-repetitive training and an easy to follow but very effective nutritional plan. We also understand that there is life after a 3-4 months transformation training program, therefore structured the access to the platform to stretch over a one year period.

We encourage all our Masters Queens & boss ladies to strive to be the best version of themselves and nobody else. Trying to look like someone you know nothing about is a disservice to your own personal journey. Therefore focus on yourself and let us help you achieve any results you deem optimal.

Above our unparalleled nutrition and premium training, the most incredible aspect about our platform is the support system we provide for our clients as they go through their transformation process and even after accomplishing their goals. We emphasize on this because we understand that as humans, we are more likely to thrive when we feel loved and supported and since a win for our Masters Queens translates to our own wins, we go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. We establish a rapport which transcends health and fitness, We become a community; we become a family (the Masters family).

With a little bit of commitment, we GUARANTEE you your best results on our platform.


Our People

Gordon Masters

Creator of the ultimate transformation program after six years of experience training women. Being a lover of life; Gordon enjoys meeting new people, sharing intellectual conversations and helping clients achieve their best results. He is of the mindset that beauty is subjective and each client should always strive to be the best version of herself. Gordon will guide you on your path to a better, healthier you.

Email: gordon.m@masters-fitness.com

Instagram: @gordonmasters13

Dan K

Dan is  the creative director of masters-fitness. He works on each individual clients profile/account, schedule their weekly check in call dates and always ensures that there are no login issues with any client. he is always working on ways to give clients the most user friendly experience on masters-fitness.com. while he is working on becoming a certified trainer, he is a massive sports, travel and arts enthusiast. Being an extreme sports fanatic, he loves taking calculated risks and is a strong believer in self discipline as a means of achieving goals.

Email: dan@masters-fitness.com